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The American Youth Rugby League Association (AYRLA) is a not for profit corporation that partners with The USA Rugby League, developing youth in all aspects of their life, providing role models from a top-down approach, REBELLING against At Risk Behavior.

AYRLA, the only national youth development organization to employ Rugby League at its programmatic core, is pairing communities with their local USA Rugby League Team. Currently our 501(c)3- application is pending. However, we are registered in Rhode Island as a non-profit organization. Our philosophy is one of "developing youth through Rugby League".

Rugby League organically fosters hope, strength, confidence, honor and respect. Our program embraces people who exhibit these characteristics and the young people we work with could not be a better testament to the power of Rugby League in providing a foundation for life long success. ativan online pharmacy buy klonopin online no prescription meridia online pharmacy buy soma online no prescription tramadol online without prescription valium online without prescription xanax online no prescription buy ambien no prescription

The Program Is Self-Sustaining providing something for everyone interested in Rugby League:

Our plan for self-sustaining programing is achieved by enrolling students in our middle school and high school competitions, coached by nationally and internationally accredited personnel to get them invested in the game. The high school students will have the opportunity to take coaching and refereeing courses, enabling them to instruct our middle school students alongside the experienced personnel. Graduated high school students can take further classes to obtain accreditation to coach and referee high school competitions. Furthermore, once players have graduated high school, they are more than welcome to play for USARL teams. Whether they are playing on the USARL team, reserve side, coaching, or refereeing, there will always be a place for them in rugby league.


Through participation in training and competitive activities, the Club hopes its players will achieve:

1. An appreciation for the benefits of hard work;
2. Motivation and perseverance in both winning and losing;
3. A sense of team loyalty and the ability to work as a team;
4. A feeling of pride in accomplishment through fair and honest means;
5. An appreciation for cultural diversity, sport development and continuous learning;
6. A sense of good sportsmanship, a high level of personal integrity and ethical conduct.


AYRLA & USA Rugby League
—AYRLA is also proud to be working closely with the USA Rugby League to fulfill the youth development goal of improving fitness and well-being in students and developing character that will cross over into the participants’ day to day lives. USA Rugby League endorses AYRLA as the national program for developing non-contact and contact Rugby League in schools and educational organizations. Lawrence Almagno, founder of the program, is also the Director of the USA Rugby League’s Club & Youth Development in addition to being the Founder & CEO of the Rhode Island Rebellion. USA Rugby League is supporting certain AYRLA affiliates throughout the country to help them develop their AYRLA programs. By working together, AYRLA and USA Rugby League both benefit from sharing their ideas and experiences, increasing the numbers of youth playing the game and lowering the average age of such players.